Title: SEDNET - European Sediment Network 
Resource Type: web links 
Availability: freely publically available http://www.sednet.org/default.asp 
Producers or distributor European Sediment Research Network 
Author / Producer Type: EC Project 
Web link for product information: http://www.sednet.org/default.asp  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Sediments
Short description: The SedNet mission is to be a European network for environmentally, socially and economically viable practices of sediment management on river basin scales. SedNet is established to help to structure and facilitate a European approach on sediment management. 
Long description: SedNet is funded for 3 years as a Thematic Network project by the European Union under the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development programme and within area 1.4.1 on 'Abatement of water pollution from contaminated land, landfills and sediments' (Contract No. EVK1-CT-2001-20002, starting date: 1 January 2002). SedNet, amongst others, organises conferences and workshops where those responsible for the management of riverine sediments and dredged material can meet the experts who provide them with the demanded management tools, technologies and expertise. The knowledge thus disseminated will be cumulated into a guideline for integrated, sustainable sediment management, from local to river basin level. 
Link to Project(s): SEDNET Demand driven, European Sediment Research Network
Submitted By: Mr Bob Barnes WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 31/05/2005

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