Title: Visual Sample Plan (VSP) 
Resource Type: software --> GIS tools 
Country: USA 
Year: 2006 
Availability: Available for free download 
Producers or distributor U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Web link for product information: http://dqo.pnl.gov/vsp/  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Information management systems-->Geographical information systems
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling and analysis
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling strategy
Short description: VSP provides statistical solutions to sampling design, world-class mathematical and statistical algorithms, and a user-friendly visual interface, while answering two important questions in sample planning. How many samples are needed? The algorithms involved in determining the number of samples needed can be quite involved and intimidating to the non-expert. VSP can quickly calculate the number of samples needed for various scenarios at different costs. Where should the samples be taken? Sample placement based on personal judgment is prone to bias. VSP instantly provides random or gridded sampling locations overlaid on a user-input site map. 
Submitted By: Dr Stefan Gödeke WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 13/11/2006

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