Construction Industry Research and Information Association
United Kingdom
Organisation:  Construction Industry Research and Information Association
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Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Receptor: Buildings
Organisation Outline:
CIRIA is recognized as the foremost independent and authoritative broker of construction research and innovation in the UK with almost 700 separate organizations 
subscribing to one or more categories of membership. Membership includes all construction stakeholder groups and covers both the supply and demand sides
of the industry, as well as the majority of relevant public sector champions and regulators. CIRIA’s activities span the market sectors Buildings and facilities, Transport, Water and utilities. Working both within and across these market sectors, the themes of work have a broad coverage topical to construction. CIRIA is engaged in dialogue with the majority of leading construction research organizations and universities, both in the UK and overseas. While much
of the work benefits from competitively-won public sector funding, CIRIA maintains a provision of ‘club-funded’ projects aimed at building understanding
between contributors in key areas of concern, such as Knowledge Management and Performance Indicators of Design. In addition to publications and electronic
materials, CIRIA also provides training seminars and workshops based on the results of its project work. CIRIA manages a number of Learning Networks, in the form of workshops and seminars, e.g. the Construction Productivity Network (CPN) and Construction Industry
Environmental Forum (CIEF). CIRIA also manages a number of more focused networks, e.g. SAFEGROUNDS (management and rehabilitation of nuclear contaminated sites), EMSAGG (European
Marine Sands and Gravel Group), LACL (Local Authority Contaminated Land Network), prOSPa (Promoting OffSite Production Applications) and NCCTP (Network
for Construction Technology Providers).