CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in the Real Environments)
United Kingdom
Organisation:  CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in the Real Environments)
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Organisation Outline:
CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments) is a not for profit organisation, incorporated in 1999 to demonstrate research and technologies 
for the purpose of developing and providing confidence in sustainable (and cost-effective) methods for remediating contaminated land. Included within the technical remit are innovative methods for site characterisation and monitoring. CL:AIRE's operatational objectives are to: 1. Establish a network of characterised, contaminated sites through the UK 2. Demonstrate the application of remediation technologies which may offer site investigation, monitoring or remediation 3. Develop a strategy for remediation technology in the UK 4. Disseminate information related to research and technology demonstrations on contaminated land 5. Prepare and provide educational materials for the environmental industry, students, and the general public 6. Procure sources of funding to support CL:AIRE's activities