Environment Agency (England and Wales)
United Kingdom
Organisation:  Environment Agency (England and Wales)
Department: Land Quality, Water Quality and Science
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Weblink: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk
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Organisation Outline:
The Environment Agency (the Agency) was established on 1 April, 1996 from the merging of the National Rivers Authority, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution 
and the Local Waste Regulation Authorities. The Agency is responsible for the protection and management of the environment in England and Wales by combining
the regulation of land, air and water. The Agency is structured into eight regions, each with its own area offices and employs in excess of 11,000 staff. The Agency's functions are extensive. They include pollution control, waste regulation, water resources management, flood defence, fisheries, conservation and navigation. Agency staff work with local government and other regulators on matters such as planning, air pollution, public health and occupational safety to ensure coherent regulation. They also work with many conservation bodies, voluntary groups and non-governmental organisations in order to achieve common goals. Most projects are done in-house, but some R&D projects that support EA business are funded by tender. EA also contributes funds to some NERC thematic programmes and funds fellowships and studentships.