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Organisation Outline:
VITUKI CONSULT Rt is a research and consultancy company, established in 1992. It undertakes national and international consultancy and research 
services in all aspects of environmental and water management offering expertise of its staff, comprising 34 full-time professionals as well as the acknowledged
capabilities and expertise of the three founding shareholders companies, such as Water Resources Research Centre plc (VITUKI Rt.), Budapest,
Hungary; Halcrow Group Ltd, London and Swindon, UK and WRc plc, Medmenham and Swindon, UK. VITUKI CONSULT Rt is registered with the EU Phare Centre and the EBRD, and carries a professional liability insurance. Since 1998 the Company is accredited
according to the Standard ISO 9001. The main activities are done by the four departments of the Company: Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Department of Water & Environmental Informatics
Management, Department of Environmental Sciences and Department of Waste Management
. Since the establishment of the Company around 700 projects
have been carried out.