URBAN SMS Urban Soil Management Strategy

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Start Date:   1/10/2008         Duration: 40 months         Project Type: RTD
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Organisation Type:  EC Project
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Project objectives:
The objective of URBAN SMS is to develop and establish a comprehensive soil management strategy for Central European municipalities helping urban planners 
to consider the value of soils and their different functions within the planning process.
Project Summary:
Urban Soil Management Strategy (URBAN SMS) project joined the experience, expertise and efforts of eleven partners (research institutions and municipal 
authorities) from seven Central European countries. This three year project was launched in October 2008 under the CENTRAL EUROPE program and will be completed
in February 2012. The main goal of URBAN SMS is to define, design and develop useful soil management strategies, applicable to urban planning with secondary
goal to educate and raise the awareness among the responsible decision makers. This project aims to encourage the dialog between the professional audiences
stressing the importance and value of soil resource in the urban and suburban environments. Such dialogue will contribute to sustainable management of land
as a basic natural resource.
Achieved Objectives:
The project has four core outputs:    
“Soil Manager Suite” involves IT tools ready for use within urban planning. Two computer tools will be elaborated: 1) the desktop tool (end-user PC computer 
application) and the GIS web planning tool for evaluation of soils for planning purposes. 'Municipal Soil Manager” is a handbook for municipal decision makers. The guide will give practical advice how to implement a permanent management structure
for soil protection within urban planning and how the 'Soil manager suite' may enhance it. The “Pilot action case study book” illustrates the successful implementation and the benefits of the developed IT tools on real cases. A “Communiaction Package” consisting of soil consumption scenarios, evaluation of compensation measures and results from stakeholder workshops will
be compiled. Also a film about the consequences of soil consumption will be provided.
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