RAMSOIL Risk Assessment Methodologies for Soil threats

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Start Date:   1/3/2008         Duration:          Project Type: RTD
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Project objectives:
The general objective of the RAMSOIL project is to provide scientific guidelines on possibilities for EU wide parameter harmonization based on detailed information 
on current risk assessment methodologies of soil threats encountered within EU Member States. In RAMSOIL current risk assessments methodologies used in
the EU are collected and evaluated by thematic coordinators and thematic partners.
Project Summary:
Numerous methodologies are used in the EU Member States to assess the risk for different soil threats related to various agricultural practices to occur (compaction, 
erosion, landslides, organic matter decline and salinization). These methodologies are based on different approaches, are fed with different parameters and sometimes different values are used for the same parameter.
In the project RAMSOIL current risk assessment methodologies are reviewed, differences are assessed and scientific support is provided in exploring which
parameters can and should be harmonised. For the parameters which should not or can not be harmonised, scientific evaluations will be provided.
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