photocleanwater Water Detoxification Using Innovative vi-Nanocatalysts

Country: European Union
Start Date:   1/9/2009         Duration: 36 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: 227017
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Water and sanitation-->Industrial water
Water and sanitation-->Pollution
Water and sanitation-->Wastewater
Project objectives:
The project aims at an efficient and viable water detoxification technology exploiting solar energy and recent advances in nano-engineered titania photocatalysts 
and nanofiltration membranes for the destruction of extremely hazardous compounds in water. To this aim, the UV-vis responding titania nanostructured photocatalysts
will be stabilized on nanotubular membranes of controlled pore size and retention efficiency as well as on carbon nanotubes exploiting their high surface
area and unique electron transport properties to achieve photocatalytically active nanofiltration membranes. This will be the crucial component for the
fabrication of innovative continuous flow photocatalytic-disinfection-membrane reactors for the implementation of a sustainable and cost effective
water treatment technology based on nanoengineered materials.
Project Summary:
The concept of the project is based on the development of innovative nanostructured UV-Visible photocatalysts for water treatment and detoxification by 
using doped TiO2 nanomaterials with visible light response.
Achieved Objectives:

Product Descriptions:

Additional Information:
Comparative evaluation of the UV-visible and solar light efficiency of the modified titania photocatalysts for water detoxification will be performed on 
specific target pollutants focused mainly on cyanobacterial toxin MC-LR and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC) in water supplies as well as classical
water pollutants such us phenols, pesticides and azo-dyes. Particular efforts will be devoted on the analysis and quantification of degradation products.
The final goal is the scale up of the photocatalytic reactor technology and its application in lakes, tanks and continuous flow systems for public water distribution.
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EC FP7: Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
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