PLEIADeS Participatory multi-Level EO-assisted tools for Irrigation water management and Agricultural Decision-Support

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Water and sanitation-->Water supply
Water resources and their management -->Monitoring and mitigation
Water resources and their management -->Stresses, quality and ecological status
Water resources and their management -->Water resources and their management Overview
Project objectives:
The overall goal of PLEIADeS is   
To improve and optimise irrigation and drainage systems by means of new technologies.  
In this context, New Technologies (NT) include Earth observation, Geographical Information Systems, Information and Communication Technologies, and 
Decision-Support systems. In order to achieve this overall goal four specific objectives have been set: Benchmarking case studies. PLEIADeS aims to assess the technical, economic, social and environmental performance of irrigation systems in nine pilot
case studies from around the world. Tools based on new technologies (NT). In accordance with the identified needs of stakeholders, multi-level NT-assisted tools will be adapted and developed
for farmers and other water managers to optimise their water use at farm, irrigation scheme and at river-basin levels. To conduct trial campaigns in pilot areas with the active participation of users at farm and irrigation scheme level. To evaluate the performances of the NT-assisted tools using an extended evaluation system covering technical, economic, environmental, social and political
dimensions and involving stakeholders at all levels over the whole lifetime of the project.. The scale of main interests is the irrigation scheme, with uplink to the river-basin and downlink to the farm level.
Project Summary:
PLEIADeS addresses the efficient and sustainable use of water for food production in water-scarce environments. We consider the economic, environmental, 
technical, social, and political dimensions through a synergy of leading-edge technologies and participatory approaches. These technologies provide
easy access to information for all stakeholders while active participation will be effected by spatial information and innovative networking tools. PLEIADeS aims at improving the performance of irrigation schemes by means of a range of measures.Major technical innovation is made possible by the comprehensive
space-time coverage of Earth observation(EO) data and the interactive networking/connecting capabilities of Information and Communication Technologies
(ICT). A set of pilot Case Studies represents a sample of the wide range of conditions found in the European and Southern Mediterranean and in the Americas, covering
Portugal,Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco,Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.
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EC Framework Programme 6
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