ISTC Development of electrokinetic and chemical methods for rehabilitation of soil and ground water contaminated by radionuclides and heavy metals

Country: Russian Federation
Start Date:   1/1/1995         Duration: 32 months         Project Type: Concerted Action
Contract Number: 7 (495) 982-3206
Organisation Type:  Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body
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Project objectives:
The work which is proposed in this project envisions utilization of the skills of nuclear weapons scientists who are already knowledgeable in the nuclear fuel 
cycle. (The goal is to address the cleanup of radionuclides from soil and groundwater.) The staff will be recruited from the weapons production, as well as plutonium
and uranium production industries. In the long term, the fruition of this work will provide incalculable benefit not only to the 'CIS', but also to all humanity. The focus of the work is the advancement
of the science of cost effective cleanup of radionuclide contaminated soil.
Project Summary:
It is generally recognized that much of the potential for the cost effective cleanup of contaminated soil will be conditioned on an expanded understanding 
of certain fundamental principles related to sorption and desorption of contaminants on soil minerals. Such an extensive program is generally beyond the
potential funding capability of any single commercial entity. This work can be undertaken by the ISTC in a program utilizing former nuclear weapons scientists.
This program is to be managed by a group of scientist-managers who are affiliated via a joint venture of American and Russian firms. This joint venture called
'ENERGOPOOL/ISOTRON' is presently pursuing the commercial application of 'Electrically Forced Technology for Radioactive and Heavy Metal Contaminated
Soil Cleaning'.
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