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Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Risk assessment overview
Water and sanitation-->Water and sanitation Overview
Project objectives:
Research and public health at the European level: to examine the ways and means by which research priorities in the field of public health at the European level 
can be identified, taking into account the interaction and needs of stakeholders – policy-makers, the scientific community and end users, and how research
outcomes can be best integrated into the policy process. Objectives of the SPHERE study: Create discussion on public health research with researchers, practitioners, research funders, policy makers, and wider stakeholders Review performance of past public health research Reflect on FP6 and assess future opportunities Give attention to accession countries and global trends Strengthen networks, including access and dissemination through web pages Discuss relevant findings with stakeholders and wider communities Prepare publications
Project Summary:
SPHERE has described public health research at European level, including support by national governments, and advised how it can be strengthened and most 
effectively integrated with European health policy. Public health research has supported the improvement of the health of European citizens in many fields – for example, through immunisation, population
screening, access to health care, chronic disease control, risk management, pharmaceuticals monitoring, health promotion and environmental control.
Our research will engage the public health science and policy communities through the European Public Health Association, through national and European
political and administrative stakeholders, and with international scientific bodies and institutions. SPHERE has been undertaken by a consortium of 22 European public health experts from 12 EU Member States. The study has reviewed multi-language scientific
literature, investigated viewpoints and programmes of stakeholders, organised conferences and work of European collaborative groups, and assessed the
contribution of research training. It has developed understanding of quality, effectiveness and impact of public health research. It has also drawn on evidence
from outside Europe, particularly North America, and reviewed public health research in selected NIS countries. Three main workshops, in 2005, 2006 and 2007 have been linked to the annual major conferences of the European Public Health Association, while two interval
workshops addressed key dimensions of methodolgies and research policy implementation. Reports from participants have been integrated at the Second main
workshop, and the preliminary assessment report has been further consulted on with stakeholders, especially at national levels and with European institutions.
The process has contributed to developing public health research within the Seventh Framework Research Programme, the public health programme of EC DG Health
and public health policy implementation in member states. The final publication will provide a unique point of reference for the European Research Area.
Achieved Objectives:
We have now completed and circulated the first report, the Preliminary Assessment, widely throughout the European Public Health community for comment. Currently, 
the draft of this report is in circulation for comment, feedback and suggestions which we will collate and use to improve and further complete the report. This
report combines information on each of the work packages and summarises the information on priorities and structuring public health research in Europe. The
final product will be produced at the end of 2007 which will accurately ‘map’ Public Health Research in Europe. SPHERE recently had a strong presence at the annual EUPHA Public Health Conference, which was held in November, in Montreux. This was our busiest event to
date and we conducted two workshops, as well as holding a stand. Much interest was generated from conference participants about our work to date, as well as the
future direction the project is likely to take. For more information about this, please search the “Conferences and Workshop” page. Phase one of the project, primarily involving information collection, was completed in June 2006. The results of the final reports of the literature reviews
of the specialised public health topics have been submitted to the European Commission as well as being presented and discussed at the Montreux Workshop and
these will be published in the August’s edition of the EUPHA supplementary journal. The partners responsible for the ‘structural’ work-packages have completed their surveys of National Organisations and Institutions; responses to these
have been analysed and the results collated. The Preliminary Assessment which includes a summary of all work done is currently out for comment on by public health
professionals in Europe. At the end of June 2006, all partners completed reports of their progress to date, and these have been collated by the coordination team for submission to the
European Commission. The deliverables and milestones in the first phase of the project have been met on time and the report being submitted is complete with
all objectives to date and a comprehensive account of public health research in Europe at the present time. Throughout the project, partners have continued to both create new, and further strengthen existing networks, both internally within the project, and
externally with public health professionals. Our on-line forum has proved successful in increasing facilitation and communication between partners. Partners
use this forum to post drafts of their work for comments and feedback from peers. We also have a newsletter that is circulated to our partners with the latest updates
on management, administration and financial issues as well as updates on partners work and dissemination activities. Framework Program 6 is drawing to a close and the text for Framework Program 7 is now available for comment. As part of SPHERE, we will be responding to the proposed
text and submitting a document calling for increased funding for public health research, in particular for projects which include collaboration of European
partners from different member states.
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EC Framework Programme 6
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