Cross Institute Programme for Sustainable Soil Function

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Project objectives:
The aim of Programme is to provide scientific excellence in fundamental soil science through the establishment of a multidisciplinary centre. We endeavour 
to add significantly to the body of scientific knowledge required to design and confidently predict the outcome of management practices that will maintain
or enhance soil quality, as defined by fitness for current and future land use, while also adapting to or minimising local and global change.
Project Summary:

In the longer term we aim to develop the Programme's capacity to ensure that it has the infrastructure, resources and expertise to be able to meet future research
needs for soils. This will involve investment in hardware and a long-term commitment to such basic elements as scientific expertise in biology, chemistry
and physics, long-term experiments (e.g. Broadbalk, Rowden), and sample archives, the latter two elements having demonstrated their value time and time

Our vision is for the Programme to be seen by those inside and outside the Institutes as the UK’s centre for leading edge research on the
sustainable function of soils within managed landscapes, through the synchronisation and integration of current CSG research programmes at the three institutes,
facilitating multidisciplinary research and increasing competitive capability for Defra and other funders.

In 2002 the BBSRC published its report Review of BBSRC-Funded Research Relevant to Sustainable Agriculture. The recommendations in the report
included “…the development of mechanisms to integrate institute strategic spend among relevant BBSRC institutes…”. Our vision is for SoilCIP to be seen as
the flagship for this integration, bringing together BBSRC-funded research at Rothamsted Research (including soil physics relocated from Silsoe Research
Institute) and the Institute for Grassland and Environmental Research, and drawing into this other relevant research in the UK.

The mission of SoilCIP is to conduct leading-edge, generic research into the biology, chemistry and physics of soils that will significantly
advance our understanding of the factors that contribute to soil resilience and its ability to sustain vital functions in managed landscapes across a range
of scales, providing strategic knowledge to the sectoral interests of SoilCIP.

The overall objective is integrated, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research into soil science, focusing on the current
need to develop integrated environmental research, i.e. soils, air, water, plants and animals. Generic research is carried out where appropriate to underpin
the overall objective.

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