ReLIStoP Cleaner crushed stone composition in the artificial decorative stone industry

Country: Spain
Start Date:   1/10/2006         Duration: 36 months         Project Type: Other
Contract Number: LIFE 06/ENV/E/000001
Organisation Type:  Non-governmental organisations
Project objectives:
The project aims to reduce pollution from the production and decoration of 'artificial stone' products used in teh ceramic and building sectors. The overall 
objective is to develop a production process that completely avoids the use of polyester resins, volatile solvents and hazardous pigments.
Project Summary:
The current approach to producing artificial stone artefacts involves mixing crushed stone aggregate with a polyester bonding agent. The process has several 
negative environmental impacts, including high consumption of energy, raw materials and water, generation of high quantities of solid waste containing
toxic chemicals and the emission of large quantities of pollutants to the atmosphere, including CO2 and particulates. By using a hydraulic binder in place
of the polyester and hardening the material in a special chamber at low temperatures, the new process as developed during the project will dramatically reduce
energy consumption and minimise the use of hazardous substances, wile producing a metrial that requires less post-treatment, which at present results in
additional waste.
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LIFE Environment
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