RISKBASE Risk-Based Management of the Water-Sediment-Soil System at the River Basin Scale

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/9/2006         Duration: 36 months         Project Type: Concerted Action
Contract Number: 036938 GOCE
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Risk assessment overview
Diffuse pollution-->Diffuse pollution overview
Groundwater protection-->Groundwater protection overview
Water and sanitation-->Water and sanitation Overview
Water resources and their management -->Water resources and their management Overview
Project objectives:
In RISKBASE, leading European    
scientists and representatives of major, European    
stakeholder groups will review and synthesise the    
outcome of EC RTD Framework Program projects,    
and other major initiatives, related to integrated risk    
assessment-based management of the    
water/sediment/soil system at the river-basin scale.    
The synthesis will lead to the development of    
integrated risk assessment-based management    
approaches enabling the prevention and/or reduction    
of the negative impacts caused by human activities    
on that system. 
Project Summary:
previous EC CAs, Thematic Networks and/or    
Accompanying Measures, a simple project structure    
is chosen (see figure 1), with only a minimum    
number of Work Packages (WP). Each WP will be    
managed by one WP-leader, supported by a few other    
partners (contractors) in the project. The WPs will    
organise several workshops dedicated to specific    
issues related to risk based management at the riverbasin    
scale. Furthermore, RISKBASE will annually    
organise a General Assembly (GA) and will make    
use of EUGRIS as web-based information exchange    
structure. The workshops, GA and the website will    
be open to all who are interested and willing to    
contribute to achieve the RISKBASE goals and    
Furthermore, during the project, each WP will select    
core-team members to assist the WP-leader in    
reviewing, synthesising and then reporting of the    
outcome of WP-workshops. Thus an open,    
transparent and flexible structure is created ensuring    
the integration of all essential knowledge, expertise    
and experience in order to make RISKBASE a    
Achieved Objectives:
The 1st public General Assembly (GA), entitled 'Towards Risk-Based  
Management of European River Basins' was successfully held in Seville,  
Spain at 24-26 January 2007. The GA presentations  
http://www.riskbase.info/content.php?p ...  
set the scene in risk-based management related science, policy and management issues,  
and are publicly available through the RISKBASE website  
http://www.sednet.org/component/option ... 
This 1st GA revealed a lot of lot of enthusiasm and motivation, in and OUTside the consortium, for RISKBASE. However, the GA also revealed the need for more focus, e.g. related to 'risk to what?'. Therefore the RISKBASE consortium http://www.riskbase.info/content.php?p ... and advisory panel http://www.riskbase.info/content.php?p ... concluded in a meeting at 19 march 2007 to focus the 'risk to what?' to risk to 'goods and services provided by the soil-sediment-water ecosystem'. Furthermore it was concluded that the 'target audience' of RISKBASE are: river basin managers responsible for the drafting of WFD River Basin Management Plans and also stakeholders (industry, water companies, NGOs, etc). With a more clear focus RISKBASE can now continue to further organize its activities, such as the thematic workshops. Thus we would like to draw your attention to the public, 1st thematic workshop entitled 'Monitoring river pollutants: a step forward in the implementation of risk based management plans' (Case studies of Portuguese river basins). This workshop is held in Lisbon at 17 and 18 May 2007. More information on this workshop, a.o. on how to register, is here http://www.riskbase.info/content.php?_ ...
Product Descriptions:
Deliverables: 1) An overarching concept, generic    
approach and guiding principles to integrated risk    
based management of river basins, 2)    
Recommendations towards evolution and    
implementation of risk based management in national    
and community policies and towards implementation    
in management, and 3) A proposal for the European    
research agenda related to risk based management. 
Additional Information:
Addresses topic II.2.1 “Integrated risk based 
management of the water-sediment-soil system at 
river-basin scale”. This is a topic under the thematic 
sub-priority area “Global Change and Ecosystems” in 
the 4th FP6 call for proposals, call identifier: FP6- 
Project Resources:

Resilience and water management: a literature review.

Ecosystem Services (ES) in river basin management – background information and discussion document.
Funding Programme(s): 
EC Framework Programme 6
Link to Organisations:

European Commission
BRGM - Geosciences pour une Terre durable (Geosciences for a sustainable Earth)
UFZ - The Centre for Environmental Research
The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO
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