NITRABAR Remediation of agricultural diffuse NITRAte polluted waters through the implementation of a permeable reactive BARrier

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/12/2005         Duration: 40 months         Project Type: 
Contract Number: LIFE05 ENV/UK/000137
Organisation Type:  EC Project
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Project objectives:
The project aims to demonstrate the application of the NITRABAR system in the agricultural setting and enable others to replicate the system throughout Europe. 
Project Summary:
NITRABAR is a passive system for the removal of nitrates derived from past and present agricultural practices. Essentially the system is a narrrow trench, 
installed between the field and a water body, which is filled with a mixture of natural materials. As groundwater, runoff and field drainage waters pass through
the system the nitrates are converted to nitrogen gas by micro-organisms which attach themeelves to, or live in between, the materials. It is expected that
this aproach will achieve an 85% reduction in the nitrate level in waters passing through the system. The system will be installed at the ecos millennium environmental centre, Ballymena in Northern Ireland. The project started in December 2005 and runs until March 2009. NITRABAR is a pan-European Project involving the following partners Environmental Engineering Research Centre, Queen's University of Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK) Ecomesh Ltd. (Northern Ireland, UK) APCO Ltd. (Malta) PRGW (Poland) The Environment Agency (England and Wales, UK) CL:AIRE (UK) IPM-Net, University of Oxford (England, UK) The NITRABAR Project has been made possible due to the contributions of the partners involved and the contributions of the LIFE financial instrument of the
European Community.
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LIFE Environment
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