INNOWATECH Innovative and integrated technologies for thetreatment of industrial wastewater

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/11/2006         Duration: 36 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: 036882
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Water and sanitation-->Industrial water
Water and sanitation-->Pollution
Water and sanitation-->Wastewater
Water and sanitation-->Water and sanitation Overview
Project objectives:
The main objective of the project is to investigate, assess and significantly enhance the potentiality of promising technological options for the treatment 
of industrial wastewater to provide tailor-made solutions for end users.
Project Summary:
The goals of the project are:     
Detailed investigation and performance enhancement of promisomhg wastewater treatment options such as aerobic granulation, advanced oxidation processes 
and membrane-based hybrid processes Achieving fundamental and technological knowledge advancements necessary for advanced wastewater treatment application in different industrial sectors
Assessing the economic and environmental sustainability of promising wastewater treatment options Developing integrated, tailor-made solutions for end-users in different industrial sectors Transferring the developed knowledge to potential end-users inside and outside the project
Achieved Objectives:
Apart from the project flyer, public outputs are not available at this stage (Sept 2007) 
Product Descriptions:

Additional Information:
This is a STREP funded in the EU 6th Framework Programme 
Project Resources:
Funding Programme(s): 
EC Framework Programme 6
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