Demonstration project regarding remediation options for Zn, Cd en Pb- contaminated sites in de Kempen area (Belgium) (Translated from Dutch)

Country: Belgium
Start Date:           Duration: 36 months         Project Type: Demonstration
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Organisation Type:  University research group / research institute
Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Heavy metals
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->In situ treatment technologies
Contaminated land-->Risk management-->Selection of remediation options
Diffuse pollution-->Processes
Project objectives:
*Phase 1:Laboratory experiments:   
-comparison of the suitability of different types of soil amendments for metal immobilisation in soils, by means of chemical and biological methods (bacteria, 
plants, invertebrates) -comparison of the metal accumulation potential of several Brassica species and cultivars in the context of metal phytoextraction. *Phase 2: Field experiments (pilot-scale): -Phytostabilisation field demonstrations at several contaminated sites in the Kempen (Belgium) with the most promsing amendments selected in the first
phase. Follow up of the field sites (reduction in metal mobility, phytotoxicity,...). -Field demonstrations with Brassica rapa as potential phytotextraction species -Metal removal from contaminated soil using a pilot scale bacterial bioreactor.
Project Summary:
See 'project objectives'. 
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EC Framework 4 Funding Programme FP4 of European Community activities in the field of research and technological development and demonstration
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Hasselt University
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