DIFPOLMINE DIFPOLMINE - Diffuse Pollution from Mine Activity

Country: France
Start Date:           Duration: 36 months         Project Type: Demonstration
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Organisation Type:  Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body
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Project objectives:
DIFPOLMINE (Diffuse Pollution from Mining Activities) project funded by the Life Environment Programme of the European Commission has the aim to disseminate 
the results and experience of the “Difpolmine methodology” applied in Salsigne France and demonstrate its applicability in a former lead zinc mining area,
Gyöngyösoroszi, Hungary. The results of the Project will be used jointly with MECSEK ÖKO Rt. (Pécs, Hungary) during the closure and remediation of the Gyöngyösoroszi
Project Summary:
Specific water treatment and sanitation installations wil be built or adapted. Progressive phytostabilisation of the contaminated area will avoid soil 
erosion. A detailed monitoring will allow to progressively adapt the system and to minimize the pollution transfer during raining periods. The adaptation of the approach to an old zinc and lead mine in Hungary will be assess (Site of Gyöngyösoroszi). The Project programme is the following: - conception and construction of the water sampling network, - conception and adaptation of the water treatment installlation, - conception and implementation of phytostabilisation, - conception of the monitoring programme, - progressive adaptation according to the monitoring result, - evaluation of possible adaptation to the site Hungarian site, - result diffusion. Rehabilitation of 20 hectares with the proposed methodology should allow a quick decrease of the pollution level in the water of the river and the improvement
of the run-off water quality.
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DIFPOLMINE - Diffuse Pollution from Mine Activity
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