NATO: Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society: Management of Industrial and Toxic Wastes

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The proposed short-term project would enable participating countries to increase their technical understanding of waste treatment technologies and to 
continue developing networks for solving problems that are common to the participants. The major outcome from the short-term project would be an increase
in the scientific understanding of waste treatment technologies by NATO and Partner countries. The following main components will be included in the project: phytoremediation, biological treatment and remediation technologies, drinking water contamination from toxic & hazardous wastes, technologies used in the advanced monitoring techniques and treatment of hazardous wastes. The project director will work with the participating countries on the specific locations for the meetings. Information will be disseminated to Eastern
and Balkan countries.
Project Summary:
An informal expert meeting was organized on February 28, 2000 in Ioannina, Greece, to discuss the development of a proposal for a Phase II to address toxic and 
hazardous waste problems. Experts from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and United States participated in this meeting. During the course of the
pilot study and at this February 28th meeting, participants discussed the need for and a mechanism for discussing and interchanging scientific information
on hazardous waste treatment and remediation technologies. This was especially true for Mediterranean and former Eastern countries based on the needs in
these countries to become more informed about waste treatment that are common to their countries.
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NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society
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