NAME Nitrate from Aquifers and influences on carbon cycling in Marine Ecosystems

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:           Duration: 39 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: EVK3-CT-2001-00066
Organisation Type:  EC Project
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Project objectives:
Currently very little is known regarding the importance of direct input of nitrate- bearing groundwater to the sea through the sea bottom. A few studies have 
shown that it does take place, but there is presently no detailed information on the controlling factors. A major factor must be the mode of emergence. Detailed measurements of sea bottom fluxes, localized using thermal infrared aerial photography in combination with geophysical measurements, will
reveal the mode and variation of groundwater emergence. Detailed geochemical profiling of the aquifer and the sea bottom, combined with direct measurement
of the rates of nitrate reduction and rates of the other redox processes that may interact with this will take place. The results will be used to build and calibrate novel numerical models capable of dealing with the complex of processes and density affected flow and fluxes.
The bringing together of groundwater and marine expertise will lead to new insights regarding the processes at this important interface.
Project Summary:
Nitrate enters the sea with groundwater discharging through the shore face at many locations along the European coast. The impact of this process on the state 
of euthrophication of the coastal marine environment is presently unknown. This project investigates the transport of nitrate through the shore face by groundwater
discharge and the biogeochemical processes that together determine the net flux of groundwater nitrate into the marine environment. The findings will be
quantified in coupled groundwater and marine models that will facilitate integrated coastal zone management with respect to the interests of agriculture
and the use of the coastal marine environment in terms of recreation and food production
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Using Divers® to characterise the hydrogeology and dynamics of groundwater flow and transport in a tidally influenced aquifer.

Relations Between Local, Nonlocal, Discrete and Continuous Models of Bioturbation.

Reactive Transport in Surface Sediments. II. Media: an Object-Oriented Problem-Solving Environment for Early Diagenesis.

Reactive Transport in Surface Sediments. I. Model Complexity and Software Quality.

Interaction Between Nitrate-Bearing Groundwater and the Marine Ecosystem

Discharge of nitrate-bearing groundwater into the marine environment
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EC Framework Programme 5
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