IOPSIM (Im)mobilization of organic pollutants by soil constituents in the soil/groundwater system - Strategies for innovative management

Country: European Union
Start Date:   13/11/2007         Duration: 12 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: SN-01/19
Organisation Type:  Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body
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Project objectives:
The general goal of this proposal is the prevention and the riskbased   
management of organic pollutants in the soil and groundwater   
system with special focus on mobilization and immobilization   
processes and related risks. In a first step the state-of-the-art in this   
area will be identified, based on literature review focusing on the   
main mechanisms and processes governing the transport and the   
fate of organic contaminants. Of special importance is the question   
how land use and climate change are influencing the natural attenuation   
and mobilization processes. Based on the outcome of this   
review process, innovative strategies will be elaborated on the basis   
of additional research information and methodological knowledge,   
thus contributing to the long-term risk-based management of organic   
soil and ground water pollution. Results will be formulated in   
such a way that they are applicable by end-users.   
Special focus will be directed towards pollutant retention processes   
by different soil constituents, looking at the strength of binding   
forces and the long-term stability of such compounds. The question   
involved is the definition of risks, which remain after the removal of   
non-bound or less-bound pollutants. Moreover, the release of OMcolloids   
loaded with pollutants is specifically judged under the aspect   
of their contribution to organic pollutant mobilization and leaching.   
This includes the colloidal transport on long distances in the soil   
and groundwater system and the spreading of pollutants caused by   
these transport processes. Of special interest will be the time scale   
and the risks caused by these fractions. Knowledge on how the   
binding of pollutants to colloids interferes with natural attenuation   
processes is still limited and is therefore subject of this investigation.   
On this base, the limits of natural attenuation for mitigating risks will   
be assessed.   
The results of these investigations will be published in different   
forms but with clear focus on end- users. M.Sc. and PhD. students will be invited to participate in this project. 
Project Summary:
The project has been started in November 2007 and will have a duration of 12 months. Further information will be uploaded as soon as available. 
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SNOWMAN coordinated Call
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Umweltbundesamt (Environmental Protection Agency)
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
Leibniz University Hannover
Built Environment and Geosciences Subsurfaces and Groundwater
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