Phyto2Enegy Phytoremediation driven energy crops production on heavy metal degraded areas as local energy carrier

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/2/2014         Duration: 48 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: 610797
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->In situ treatment technologies
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->Recycling/reuse
Project objectives:
S&T Objective 1: To select optimal energy crop species suitable for both biomass production and phytoremediation purposes of HMC sites  
S&T Objective 2: To develop a microbiological method stimulating the biomass yield at HMC sites  
S&T Objective 3 Valorize the biomass from the HMC as a local energy carrier  
Project Summary:
Current state of the art on the biomass for energy production on heavy metal degraded areas has not been fully explored leaving the potential of energy crops 
production with a simultaneous sites remediation highly underused. The Phyto2Energy project implemented under the Maria Curie-Skłodowska Industry-Academia
Partnership and Pathway scheme of the EU FP7 aims to strengthen the transfer of knowledge between the partners from industry and academia from such countries
as Poland, Germany and Romania to make advancement in this field. The scientific and technological goal of the project is to develop and validate a novel approach
combining phytoremediation and biomass production on heavy metal contaminated (HMC) sites which could be then safely used as local energy carrier. The innovation
is to demonstrate a complex solution which will cover the whole value chain: from setting the brownfield management target through successful crops production,
biofuel feedstock preparation up to conversion to energy in a local small scale gasification installation. This goal can be achieved by the following 3 scientific
and technological objectives:
Achieved Objectives:

Product Descriptions:

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EC FP7: Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
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