ORCHESTRA Organising dissemination on results of projects on Chemical evaluation, spreading techniques for Risk Assessment

Country: EU Projects
Start Date:   1/9/2009         Duration: 36 months         Project Type: RTD
Contract Number: 226521
Organisation Type:  EC Project
Contaminated land-->Information management systems-->Predictive modelling
Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Models
Contaminated land-->Risk assessment-->Risk assessment overview
Diffuse pollution-->Diffuse pollution overview
Project objectives:
The main objective is the dissemination and exploitation of ongoing EU research dealing with computer tools, such as 'in silico' models used for the predictive 
assessment of ecotoxicity and environmental properties. These computer tools are important to validate and disseminate because of their multiple advantages
over existing methods: (i) For regulators, 'in silico' methods can be applied quickly to test a large number of chemicals; (ii) For environmental and health
protection the availability of fast tools capable of processing a large number of compounds can improve the knowledge on the environmental impact of contaminants;
(iii) For industry that bears the increased costs related to more demanding environmental and toxicological evaluation, 'in silico' methods allows a substantial
cost-cutting; (iv) For animal protection a large amount of animal deaths will be avoided as no animals (nor animal cells or tissues) are required unlike for
'in vivo' or 'in vitro' testing methods; (v) For waste reduction no use of chemicals; (vi) For easy use as they only require a computer and Internet access and
can be used in many cases without specific training.
Project Summary:
Computer-based 'in silico' methods for the environment have a huge potential of dissemination, never experimented for any other method. To invest in this 
action offers unique opportunities to spread the results of EC funded projects, and attract policy makers and public to use the results of these projects.
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EC FP7: Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
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