GreenRemediationThe Brundtland Report “Our Common Future” from 1987 formulated a global program for changes to ensure sustainable development. “Sustainable” became a new word in our vocabulary. The goal was to preserve our resources for future generations and to manage environmental problems.

For many, however, sustainability remains an abstract idea, difficult to incorporate in our daily life.

International networks and organisations within our line of business – soil and groundwater remediation - have for years worked on how to develop more environmental friendly solutions. This development has to a great extent been driven by co-operation between front-runners in all areas of our field of work including scientific institutions, regulators, technical administrative units, knowledge centres, consultants, problem owners as well as entrepreneurs and their suppliers.

GreenRemediation in Copenhagen

The GreenRemediation Conference in Copenhagen provided a forum for knowledge to be shared and discussed between conference participants with the common focus; How to incorporate sustainable approaches to site remediation. The conference comprised three sessions “Policy Drivers”, “Decision Support Tools” and “Sustainable Remediation Technologies” and the sessions were introduced by key note speakers, who are core specialists in these fields.

The conference took place a few weeks before the UN Climate Change Conference - COP15 in Copenhagen stimulating the direction of the conference toward consideration of effects related to the climate change debate.

The City of Copenhagen acknowledged this initiative by hosting the conference participants at a reception at the City Town Hall.


Thank you for your participation! I’m sure many of us have learned from the presentations, posters and discussions during the conference and that we can use the outcome to develop more sustainable solutions in the future.

Presentations, posters and papers from the conference are published on this CD-ROM. All platform presenters and poster authors have been invited to submit papers expanding on their presentations. Abstracts are included if papers have not been provided. The presentations and papers are grouped according to the sessions in which they have been presented. The technical content in the papers and abstracts is as submitted by the authors, however in some cases they have been reformatted to provide a standardized appearance.
Finally, I wish to thank Scientific Committee and the sponsors for their great support to the conference.

Klaus Weber - Conference Chair

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Klaus Weber, M.Sc.,
Conference Chair