Soil and Groundwater Protection from Hydrocarbons Contamination Using the Placement of Natural Adsorbents into the Soil

Country: Russian Federation
Start Date:   1/4/2004         Duration: 30 months         Project Type: Other
Contract Number: 2419
Organisation Type:  Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body
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Project objectives:
The main aims of the Project are: The development of the effective and inexpensive technological solutions for the protection of soils and groundwaters from 
hydrocarbons contamination on the basis of study of hydrocarbon migration processes in soils, which contain inserted natural adsorbents.
Project Summary:
1. Investigation of composition and properties of the subjects of studies. The study of composition of natural adsorbents and their selection. The modifying 
of zeolites and activation of clays. The evaluation of adsorptivity of natural and modified zeolites with respect to the water and HC in the soils with different
water saturation. The estimation of role and contribution of the processes, answered for the possibility of the HC localisation in the upper soil layer - sorption,
swelling, diffusion, formation of micellar solutions and emulsions, etc. The study of soil properties and their selection as investigation objects. The
determination of their structure dynamics during the moistening (laboratory experiments). 2. The experimental study of the HC transfer in the soils. The study of water and HC filtration in the soils, which contain or not contain the inserted adsorbents
(laboratory experiments). The establishment of correlation of water and HC distribution in the soil profile with various soil humidity. The study of HC filtration
in the soils under the natural conditions (stationary lysimetric experiments). 3. The creation of the improved physico-mathematical models of HC migration in the soils and the development of technology. The development and the practical
approval of models according to the experimental data. The development of the technical batch of programs. The development of the technology of soils and groundwaters
protection from HC contamination. The experimental estimation of the effectiveness of technology under the laboratory and natural conditions.
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