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News posted in September 2018
China Enacts Its First Soil Pollution Law, August 31 2018 24/09/2018 (UPDATED: 05/12/2018)
Unsustainable remediation: a case study from Canada 29/09/2018
Waste Land: aerial photography of US brownfield sites 29/09/2018
Estimated upper cost for remediation in China to 2020 put at approximately US$1.3 trillion. 24/09/2018
USA, site added to NPL solely based on the risk to human health posed by indoor air vapor intrusion at the site 24/09/2018 (UPDATED: 24/09/2018)
US EPA TechDirect, September 1, 2018 07/09/2018
UK Brexit Position for H2020 06/09/2018
Using contaminated land for urban food supply 01/09/2018
Canada: Guidance on drug contaminated sites 01/09/2018
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New events posted in September 2018
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New training posted in September 2018
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New resources posted in September 2018
US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA),  Contaminants of Emerging Concern including Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products  01/09/2018 08:40:00
PROMOTE Consortium,  2008, A verification approach for monitoring and remediation technologies in soil and groundwater systems  01/09/2018 22:34:00
US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA),  Activated Carbon-Based Technology for In Situ Remediation Focus Area.  07/09/2018 13:38:00
Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the Ne,  2018, Inventory of awareness, approaches and policy Insight in emerging contaminants in Europe  10/09/2018 21:50:00
ESTCP ,  2018, Assessment of Post Remediation Performance of a Biobarrier Oxygen Injection System at a Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE)-Contaminated Site, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton San Diego, California  24/09/2018 20:31:00
ESTCP,  2018, Sustained In situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) of 1,4-Dioxane and Chlorinated VOCs Using Slow-release Chemical Oxidant Cylinders  24/09/2018 20:38:00
ESTCP,  2018, Electrokinetic-Enhanced (EK-Enhanced) Amendment Delivery for Remediation of Low Permeability and Heterogeneous Materials  24/09/2018 20:42:00
Meirav Cohen,  2018, Field Scale Mobility and Transport Manipulation of Carbon-Supported Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron in Fractured Media  24/09/2018 20:50:00
Kucharzyk, K. and S. Rosansky.,  2018, ADVANCES IN THE STATE OF THE PRACTICE FOR ENHANCED IN SITU BIOREMEDIATION  24/09/2018 21:03:00
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New projects posted in September 2018
Emerging Contaminants Inventory on Policy and Legislation in Europe   10/09/2018 21:38:00
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