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Groundwater protection-->Groundwater protection overview
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Water resources and their management -->Costs, benefits and sustainability
Water resources and their management -->Monitoring and mitigation
Water resources and their management -->River basin management
Water resources and their management -->River basins
Water resources and their management -->Stresses, quality and ecological status
Water resources and their management -->Water resources and their management Overview
Short description: This website contains leaflets on several results of many European funded research projects relevant to 'catchment modelling'. In particular, it contains two series of leaflets (1) The green series: Documents such as synthesis reports and guidelines; (2) The blue series: Software such as models and toolboxes.

G01: Guideline: Model-supported Implementation of the Water Framework Directive - A Water Manager s Guide /
G02: Making the Human Dimensions of Water Management More Transparent: Human Perception and Valuation in Model Supported Water Management /
G03: Improving End User Involvement in Research - Synthesis and Advice Report Based on Interviews /
G04: Handbook on Improving Participation in Water Management: Learning Together to Manage Together /
G05: Key Issues and Tools to Give Support on Economics in the Water Framework Directive /
G06: Harmoni-CA report: Decision Support Systems for Water Resources Management: Current State and Guidelines for Tool Development /
G07: Harmoni-CA Report: Review of Model-Based Tools with Regard to the Interaction of Water Management and Agriculture /
G08: Catchment Modelling Guidance: Best Practice in Joint Use of Monitoring & Modelling /
G09: Synthesis Report: Data Availability and Accessibility - State of the art on existing data required for modelling for research purposes and for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive /
G10: Catchment Modelling Guidance: Uncertainty Analysis /
G11: HarmoniRiB Guidances Supporting Uncertainty in Data and Models for River Basin Management /
G12: Catchment Modelling Guidance: Sensitivity Analysis /
G13: Catchment Modelling Guidance: Model calibration /
G14: Quality Assurance for Model-Based Water Management: Better Modelling Practices /
G15: Supporting Wider Use of Wastewater Recovery and Reuse Techniques Across Europe: The AQUAREC Guidelines for Water Recycling /
G16: A FLOODsite Report: The Language of Risk /
G17: A FLOODsite Report: Failure Mechanisms for Flood Defence Structures /
G18: A FLOODsite Report: Evaluating Flood Damages: Guidance and Recommendations on Principles and Methods /
G19: Framework for Management and Transition -NEWATER-MTF: Management and Transition Framework /
B01: Finding Relevant Science and Policy Documents and Tools Made Easy - WISE-RTD: Water Information System for Europe - Research, Technology and Development - /
B02: European Groundwater and Contaminated Land Remediation Information System: EUGRIS /
B03: Facilitating Access to Information for DSS tools Development and Application: The Nostrum-DSS Meta-Guidelines /
B04: Modelling of Nutrient Losses from Diffuse Sources: The Extended EUROHARP Toolbox /
B05: Supporting Decision Making for the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive - The MULINO Decision Support /
System: mDSS B06: Tisza-DST: Decision Support Tools for the Management of the Tisza River Basin - Products of the Tisza River Project: Real-Life Scale Integrated Catchment Models for Supporting Water and Environmental Management Decisions /
B07: Evaluating Management Options for Water Scarcity Mitigation: The WSM Prototype Decision Support System /
B08: Quantifying the Impact of the Projected Changes in the Weather: The CLIME Decision Support System (CLIME-DSS) /
B09: Framework for Integrated Assessments: SEAMLESS-IF - Framework for Impact Assessments of Policy Proposals and Innovations in European Agriculture /
B10: tempQsim: New Water Quality Models for the Application to Temporary Waters in Southern European Catchments /
B11: Developing and Using Water Related Glossaries: Glossary Tool (Glost) /
B12: Quality Assurance for Model-Based Water Management - Supporting the Modelling Process with MoST /
B13: Supporting Collaborative Multidisciplinary Projects: Process Support Tool (Prost) /
B14: Flexible Tool Integration: The Open Modelling Interface and Environment (The OpenMI) /
B15: HYDRONOMY: Build the Standards-Community by Sharing your Experiences /
B16: Structured Uncertainty Assessment: Data Uncertainty Engine (DUE) /
B17: Toolbox developed in the Harmoni-CA Project: Statistical Toolbox /
B18: The HarmoniRiB Database - A Database Design for Uncertain Multi-Disciplinary Spatio-Temporal Data in Support of the WFD /
B19: The HarmoniRiB River Basin Network: The River Basin Network and its Data /
B20: Supporting Whole Catchment Water Management - The AQUADAPT Strategic Catchment Analysis and Planning Tool (SCAPT) /
B21: Supporting Integrated Land and Water Management - The TiGrESS INFRAPLAN Water Supply and Land-Use Planning Tool /
B22 : Easing Stakeholder Participation: AquaDT - A Tool for Complex Decisions Making in the Water Sector /
B23: FLOODsite Prototype Tools Decision Support Tools for Long-term Planning /
Long description: Harmoni-CA developed a folder with loose-leaf leaflets to disseminate research results of European funded research. This webpage provides the digital versions of the flyers. It also provides instructions to create new flyers. It is hoped that in time a new folder with more and updated leaflets will be developed. Why was this folder developed? Throughout Europe research and development is and has been carried out to support the implementation of Europe's Water Framework Directive. The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Development (EC-RTD) has contributed to this research by co-funding many projects relating to catchment modelling. The purpose of the folder and leaflet website is to bring in a more systematic way results from individual projects together and increase their visibility amongst practitioners, researchers and other target groups. The leaflets provide information on many projects results. It is hoped that this information will improve the uptake of research results both in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and in current and future research. What is in this leaflet website? This website contains leaflets on several results of many European funded research projects relevant to 'catchment modelling'. In particular, it contains two series of leaflets (1) The green series: Documents such as synthesis reports and guidelines; (2) The blue series: Software such as models and toolboxes. Though the site already contains more than forty leaflets, many more results relevant to integrated water management have been developed over the last years. These results may be included in the future. 
Link to Project(s): Harmoni-CA Harmonised Modelling Tools for Integrated Basin Management
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