Title: Calculation of the expected concentrations of pesticides in soil after commercial application of pesticides 
Resource Type: document --> technical publication --> report 
Country: Denmark 
Language(s): Danish
Year: 2003 
Availability: Environmental project, Miljørapport nr. 844 
Author 1/Producer: Christensen, P. 
Other Authors/Producers: Helveg, H. 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Publisher: The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Miljøstyrelsen 
Publisher City: Strandgade 29, DK-1405 Copenhagen K, Denmark 
ISBN: 87-7972-886-3 
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EUGRIS Keyword(s): Diffuse pollution-->Contaminants-->Persistent Organic Pollutants
Soil-->Soil quality
Short description: Soil pesticide concentrations after spraying with recommended dosage in agricultural areas are compared to a proposed soil quality criterion of 1 mg/kg and assessed in respect to the collective potential exposure for children from other sources. 
Long description: The soil concentrations after application of recommended doses of 13 specific pesticides were calculated based on a distribution of the sprayed pesticide in the top 7 cm of soil and the half lives for degradation of the 13 pesticides. The calculated concentrations ranged from 0.05 - 3.2 mg/kg just after application with dosages of between 0.05 - 3.2 kg/ha. Certain types of crops which require repeated application of pesticide during the growing period demonstrated higher residual concentrations. Upon repeated application (12 applications of mancozeb), the residual concentration varied from 2.7 - 14.9 mg/kg immediately after application, from 0.6 ƒÝg/kg to 9.9 mg/kg 3 months after the last application, and after 12 months the residual concentrations were reduced to between 1 ng/kg to 2.6 mg/kg dependent on application dose and half live of the respective pesticide. The proposed soil quality criterion for pesticides of 1 mg/kg is in most cases not exceeded after application of pesticides according to the manufacturers recommended dosage. Immediately after spraying, the criterion is exceeded, and for areas subjected to repeated application also after 3 months. However after 12 months nearly all areas had a calculated residual soil concentration of less than 1 mg/kg. 
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