Title: EMPOMASS: database of mass spectra of unknown and provisionally identified substances 
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Producers or distributor NORMAN Project Consortium 
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Web link for product information: http://www.ei.sk/norman/empomass/  
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Short description: The database contains mass spectral information on unknown and provisionally identified organic substances separated into two modules: Numeric information results extracted from the screening data, such as major ions in the mass spectrum of the compound, retention characteristics, match factor, proposed structure, CAS number, molecular mass, etc. Raw mass spectra organised and searchable in the specific emerging substances library. The database will allow: The tracing of the occurrence of substances which are currently not included in major monitoring schemes because of a lack of knowledge of their identity; The definition of new emerging threats in various environmental compartments. 
Link to Project(s): NORMAN Network Network of Reference Laboratories for Monoring of Emerging Environmental Pollutants
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