Title: Integrated Evaluation for Sustainable River Basin Governance 
Resource Type: document --> technical publication --> report 
Country: EU Projects 
Year: 2007 
Author 1/Producer: Nuno Videira 
Other Authors/Producers: Giorgos Kallis, Paula Antunes, Rui Santos 
Author / Producer Type: University research group / research institute 
Publisher: IWA publishing 
Publisher City: Alliance House 12, Caxton Street London SW1H 0QS UK 
ISBN: 1843391481 
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EUGRIS Keyword(s): Water resources and their management -->Monitoring and mitigation
Water resources and their management -->River basin management
Water resources and their management -->Water resources and their management Overview
Short description: The Report provides an overview of the results from the ADVISOR research project ('Integrated Evaluation for Sustainable River Basin Governance') funded by the European Commission, under the 5th Framework Research Programme. The aim of the project was to improve the understanding of evaluation processes as part of river basin planning and management and to provide a framework for the conduct of integrated and participatory evaluations. 
Long description: The project comprised four work-packages. The first examined past water project or plan evaluation cases in five EU states, the second interpreted past experiences from different analytical angles leading to a theory for an integrated evaluation process, the third tested different tools in experimental case applications, including included scenario workshops, mediated modelling supported by a quality assurance protocol, social multi-criteria evaluation, cost-effectiveness analyses and monetary valuation. Work Package 4 aimed to transfer the lessons learned from the project to policy makers, especially those involved in the implementation of the implementation process of the Water Framework Directive. The results of the project are presented in three parts. The first provides a background to the role of integrated evaluations in river basin management; the second discusses principles and tools developed in the project, while the third discusses future challenges for the integrated evaluation process. 
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