Title: Consultation on mechanisms to deliver Water Framework Directive requirements on hydromorphology 
Resource Type: document --> policy documents 
Country: United Kingdom 
Year: 2007 
Availability: Feb 07 
Author 1/Producer: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - Defra 
Other Authors/Producers: Welsh Assembly Government 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Publisher: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 
Publisher City: Nobel House 17 Smith Square London SW1P 3JR UK 
Report / download web link (=direct link): http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/nadwp-hydromorphol ...  
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Short description: The Water Framework Directive requires Member States to manage the effects on the ecological quality of water which result from changes to the physical characteristics of water bodies. It requires action in those cases where these “hydromorphological” pressures are having an ecological impact which will interfere with our ability to achieve Water Framework Directive objectives. This consultation looks at the range of legislative, economic and voluntary mechanisms that are available in England and Wales for delivering measures to avoid or reduce effects resulting from hydromorphological pressures, and at whether they are sufficient to meet Water Framework Directive requirements. 
Link to Organisation(s): Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
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