Title: website project Dellen Wuyts (dutch) 
Resource Type: web links 
Producers or distributor Marco van den Brand 
Author / Producer Type: Consultancy, contractor or other service provider 
Web link for product information: http://www.bodemsanering-dellenwuyts.nl  
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Chlorinated aliphatics
Contaminated land-->Contaminants-->Contaminants overview
Contaminated land-->Contaminated land overview
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->Excavation
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->In situ treatment technologies
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->MNA
Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->Remediation options overview
Short description: Soil and groundwater remediation using chemical oxidation (fenton's) and enhancement of biodegradation 
Long description: http://www.bodemsanering-dellenwuyts.nl 
Submitted By: Mr Marco Van Den Brand WhoDoesWhat?      Last update: 24/11/2006