Title: Systematic Planning: A Case Study for Hazardous Waste Site Investigations 
Resource Type: document --> guidance / decision support 
Country: USA 
Year: 2006 
Availability: EPA 240-B-06-004 
Author 1/Producer: US EPA 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Report / download web link (=direct link): http://www.epa.gov/quality/qs-docs/casestudy-final.pdf  
Format (e.g. PDF): PDF 
EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Reporting
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling and analysis
Contaminated land-->Site investigation-->Sampling strategy
Short description: his document describes the Data Quality Objectives (DQO) process in a decision-making situation. The case study shows how application of the DQO process leads to sound data collection techniques, sampling methods, and analysis of the results for decision-making. Elementary Data Quality Assessment is used to draw conclusions from the results. The case study is presented in two parts--a Preliminary Investigation followed by a Remedial Investigation-- that correspond to the general stages of data collection and analysis in an environmental investigation. With each investigation, information is presented according to the three stages of EPA's Quality System: planning, implementation, and assessment. The case study demonstrates how the study team succeeded in establishing the nature and extent of site contamination and contaminants of potential concern during the Preliminary Investigation, which provided the data necessary to support a well- focused, statistically based sampling campaign to complete the subsequent Remedial Investigation (February 2006, 67 pages). 
Link to Organisation(s): EPA Environmental Protection Agency
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