Title: Proposal for a Framework Directive Of The European Parliament And Of The Council establishing a framework for the protection of soil and amending Directive 2004/35/EC (Soil Framework Directive) 
Resource Type: document --> regulations 
Country: European Union 
Year: 2006 
Availability: Brussels, 22.9.2006, COM(2006) 232 final, 2006/0086 (COD) 
Author 1/Producer: European Commission 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Publisher: EC 
Publisher City: Rue de la Loi, Brussels, Belgium 
Report / download web link (=direct link): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/soil/pdf/com_2006_0232_en.pd ...  
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Short description: Soil is essentially a non-renewable resource and a very dynamic system which performs many functions and delivers services vital to human activities and ecosystems survival. Information available suggests that, over recent decades, there has been a significant increase of soil degradation processes, and there is evidence that they will further increase if no action is taken. Though soil protection provisions exist in the Community acquis, there is no specific Community legislation on soil protection. The current proposal aims at filling this gap and has the objective of establishing a common strategy for the protection and sustainable use of soil based on the principles of integration of soil concerns into other policies, preservation of soil functions within the context of sustainable use, prevention of threats to soil and mitigation of their effects, as well as restoration of degraded soils to a level of functionality consistent at least with the current and approved future use... 
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