Title: Report on the Peer Consultation Workshop to Discuss a Proposed Protocol to Assess Asbestos-Related Risk 
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Country: USA 
Year of publication: 2006 
Availability: FINAL REPORT May 30, 2003, EPA Contract No. 68-C-98-148 
Author 1/Producer: US EPA 
Other Authors/Producers: Eastern Research Group Inc 
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Publisher: US EPA 
Publisher City: USA 
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Short description: Extract: The peer consultation panel strongly endorsed the conceptual approach of developing an updated cancer risk assessment methodology that takes into account fiber type and fiber dimension. The opportunity is at hand to use substantial new information from epidemiology, experimental toxicology, and exposure characterization on what continues to be an extremely important societal issue—assessing the health risks associated with environmental and occupational exposures to asbestos. The panel recommended that EPA proceed in an expeditious manner to consider the panelists’ conclusions and recommendations with a goal of having an updated asbestos risk assessment methodology. It is important that EPA devote sufficient resources so that this important task can be accomplished in a timely and scientifically sound manner. The panel urges that additional analyses underpinning the document, preparation of documentation, and further review be carried out in an open and transparent manner. 
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