Title: Exposure Factors Sourcebook for European Populations (with Focus on UK Data) 
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Country: EU Projects 
Year: 2001 
Availability: Technical Report No. 79 
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Short description: This document summarises available exposure factor data for use in risk-based decision making. It updates and builds upon other available compendia of exposure factor data - the AIHC Exposure Factors Sourcebook (EFS) (AIHC, 1994) and the USEPA Exposure Factors Handbook (EFH) (USEPA, 1997). Whereas the EFS and EFH have focused on US data, this document focuses on data specific to Europe, in particular the UK. The exposure factors selected for inclusion were those most relevant to risk-based decision making for contaminated land sites. The factors and data presented, however, are applicable to exposure assessment and risk-based decision making in general. This document focuses on the development of representative exposure factor data for populations of the UK and/or Europe. For each exposure factor, a description of available data is provided. The information provided in this document can be used to develop more realistic estimates of exposure than those calculated using single point values based upon extreme exposure scenarios. The resulting exposure estimates can form the basis for better informed risk management decisions. The information presented in this document can be applied across sites to develop representative estimates of exposure to various environmental media. This information can be used in conjunction with site and media specific concentration data to estimate exposure levels for a compound of interest. 
Link to Project(s): Exposure Factors Sourcebook for European Sites (NICOLE project)
Link to Organisation(s): NICOLE Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe
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