Title: Monitored Natural Attenuation: Demonstration and review of the applicability of MNA at eight field sites 
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Country: EU Projects 
Language(s): Dutch
Year: 2005 
Availability: Main Report. NICOLE Project Report. September 2005. 
Author 1/Producer: NICOLE 
Other Authors/Producers: Slenders, H, Lagenhooff, A., Ballerstedt H., Ter Meer, J.. and Sinke, A. 
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Publisher: NICOLE Secretariat 
Publisher City: TNO, Appeldoorn, the Netherlands 
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EUGRIS Keyword(s): Contaminated land-->Remediation options-->MNA
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Short description: In 2000 NICOLE set up a data sharing programme for industrial sites to investigate the possibilities for MNA. Over four years eight industrial partners made investigations as part of this demonstration project. Summary site reports were reviewed by twelve independent reviewers. In general MNA was viewed as applicable and effective at many sites. The proposed methodology with the three common lines of evidence was considered very useful. Differences of opinion from reviewers of different nationalities were marked. 
Long description: The eight cases investigated are representative for European industry. Most cases were complex, with layered hydrology and multiple contaminants and/or phases present. The outcomes of the site assessments were not known beforehand, but all sites (in consultation with the authorities) were looking to fit MNA into a risk based site approach, either as a stand alone option or a cost-effective addition to active source measures. Each reviewer reviewed two sites; each site was reviewed three times. Most reviewers recognized the occurrence of NA (see figure), but at times felt uncertain (25%), indicating a need for more information than that offered in the summary reports. (The original site reports were summarized to aid reviewing. It was unrealistic to expect reviewers to review all the underlying reports and data). MNA as a management tool was not always accepted by the reviewers. In some cases the plume is growing despite degradation. Often the flux out of the source zone into the plume is significantly larger than the degradation and other NA processes, and MNA can only be applied in combination with active measures. In some cases the legal framework of the reviewers’ country is not yet adapted to risk-based approaches, so acceptance of MNA is difficult. 
Link to Project(s): Monitored Natural Attenuation / demonstration & review of the applicability of MNA at 8 field sites (NICOLE project)
Link to Organisation(s): NICOLE Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe
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