Title: EU Funding in Brief Special Edition EU 2007-2013 
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Country: EU Projects 
Year: 2006 
Author 1/Producer: Europa Media PSC, Chief editor: Mr. Gabor Kitley 
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Water resources and their management -->Water resources and their management Overview
Short description: The European Commission has reorganised its funding startegy for the 2007-2013 period. There will be more funds available for virtually any European organisations. At the same time understanding the funding mechanisms is getting increasingly complex and putting together proposals is also getting more and more difficult. There is also an increased competition from the 25 EU countries. 
Long description: The scheme of funding opportunities for the year 2006 is generally structured according to three main areas of the interest of the European Commission: - Regional policy focusing on the economic and social development in regions within the EU. Here the financial support is mainly provided through national or regional authorities; - External policies related to countries outside the EU including the help for Accession countries, Candidate Countries and third countries; - Thematic policies. Within this area, topics such as research and development, information technologies, justice, health, environment or education are supported by many specific Community Programmes. 
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