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Contaminated land-->Contaminated land overview
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Short description: Up to now, the SNOWMAN project resulted in the vision and the wish to implement a coordinated funded call in the field of sustainable land management. The project consortium has done a survey of respective research programmes across Europe and has consulted different research funding organisations about their interests, to derive a truly transnational research agenda in this field and to settle the basis for transnational research funding tools. Based on the results of the coordinated call, the SNOWMAN consortium will establish a frame for a common research programme, settled and agreed research funding rules and a dissemination strategy. Beyond SNOWMAN, the consortium has the aims to use the lessons learned and experiences from the coordinated call and wants to set up a sustainable SNOWMAN funding platform, filling the gap between the European framework programme and its respective national counterparts. 
Long description: Alternatives to framework programmes are needed to increase funding for cooperative research in Europe. European Research Area Networks (ERANETs) are being supported by the Commission as one possible route. The ERA-NET project on co-operative research on sustainable soil pollution management, SNOWMAN, intends to organize a coordinated call for research projects, co-funded by organizations in the SNOWMAN partner countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom).
The aim of this coordinated call is:
* To support the implementation of sustainable soil pollution management;
* to experience international cooperation among national research funders by the SNOWMAN partners;
* to underpin the research agenda of SNOWMAN;
* to harmonise funding and research mechanisms across Europe.
Link to Project(s): SNOWMAN Sustainable management of soil and groundwater under the pressure of pollution and contamination (ERA-NET)
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