Title: Attenuation of Nitrate in the Sub-Surface Environment 
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Country: United Kingdom 
Year of publication: 2006 
Availability: Buss, S.R., Rivett, M.O., Morgan, P., Bemment, C.D. Attenuation of Nitrate in the Sub-Surface, 2006. Environment Agency, Bristol, England. ISBN 1844324265 
Author 1/Producer: Environment Agency 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Publisher: Environment Agency 
Publisher City: Rio House, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4UD, England 
ISBN: ISBN 1844324265 
Report / download web link (=direct link): http://publications.environment-agency.gov.uk/pdf/SCHO0605BJ ...  
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EUGRIS Keyword(s): Diffuse pollution-->Contaminants-->Contaminants overview
Groundwater protection-->Groundwater processes-->Contaminant hydrology
Short description: The Report describes nitrogen attenuation and cycling processes in the subsurface environment. The report reviews the current state of knowledge on N-cycling processes in aquifers and sediments. It should be of interest to those assessing the attenuation of N in groundwater catchments and along river corridors. 
Long description: Nitrate is commonly thought of as behaving conservatively in the sub-surface environment but under certain circumstances it undergoes a microbially mediated transformation to nitrogen gas (denitrification). This process can be critical for protecting drinking water supplies and surface waters. This report provides a literature review of nitrate attenuating mechanisms as they occur in the sub-surface environment. It discusses the chemical conditions under which attenuation occurs and the hydrogeological environments within which this has been observed. It includes a review of the use of riparian buffer zones for managing nitrogen fluxes to rivers. 
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