Title: Integrated in situ remediation by bioventing, flushing and mobilisation by cyclodextrin-nanotechnology. 
Resource Type: document --> technical publication --> methodology description 
Country: Hungary 
Year: 2004 
Availability: Fenyvesi, É.; Molnár, M.; Gruiz, K.; Murányi, A.; Szaniszló, N.; Csabai, K.; Szejtli, J.: Effect of Randomly Methylated Cyclodextrins on Hydrocarbon Contaminats in Soil – In: Conference Roceedings, CD (8th International FZK/TNO Conference on Contaminated Soil 12–16 May, 2003, Gent), Theme C, FZK, OVAM, TNO, pp. 2296 – 2304, 2003 Leitgib, L; Gruiz, K.; and Molnár,M.: Intensification of in situ bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils In: Proceedings of the European Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology, 25–28 April 2004, Ostende, Belgium, A.A. Balkema Publishers, 2004 Leitgib, L.; Gruiz, K.; Molnár, M. and Fenyvesi, É.: Intensification of in situ bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils, In: Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Natural Attenuation, Soil and Groundwater. Risk Management, 18–20 May, Frankfurt am Main, Dechema, 2005 
Author 1/Producer: Gruiz, Katalin, Budapest University of Technology and Economics 
Other Authors/Producers: Fenyvesi, Éva, Cyclodextrin Research Institute and Leitgib, Laura, Budapest University or Technology and Economics 
Author / Producer Type: University research group / research institute 
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