Title: Investigation of the atmospheric deposition of nitrogen into groundwater. 
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Country: United Kingdom 
Year: 2003 
Availability: EA Technical Report, 36pp 
Author 1/Producer: Environment Agency 
Author / Producer Type: Agency, regulator or other governmental or inter-governmental body 
Publisher: Environment Agency, Bristol, UK 
Publisher City: Available from http://publications.environment-agency.gov.uk/epages/eapublications.storefront OR contact the Environment Agency direct, Phone: 08708 506506 or e-mail: enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk 
ISBN: ISBN 1857059700 
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Short description: The contribution of atmospheric deposition to nitrogen leaching from surface soils at the Lichfield Vulnerable Zone (downwind of the West Midlands conurbation) was investigated. The contribution of atmospheric deposition of nitrogen to the leaching of nitrogen from surface soils was approximately 11-18 per cent of total nitrogen leaching with the rest being from agricultural arable land and grassland.' 
Link to Organisation(s): Environment Agency (England and Wales)
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