r3 environmental technology limited
United Kingdom
Organisation:  r3 environmental technology limited
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Weblink: http://www.r3environmental.com
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Organisation Outline:
r3 is a small environmental R&D consultancy specialising in waste, recycling and contaminated land issues.   r3 tackles problems where some element of strategic 
and lateral thinking is needed, where solutions need a range of different disciplines and skills, and, in particular, where there is a need for imagination
and innovation in problem solving. r3 operates using a small core team linked to a virtual office of regular consulting experts. We also use a wide range of contacts
within waste management, land remediation, environmental policy, broad environmental issues, financial and insurance industries, economic and social
studies, universities and governmental organisations and agencies. r3 serves the UK and other European countries as well as with North American organisations.
We carry out projects on our own and in collaboration with other leading organisations.