Contaminated Site Risk Assessment and Groundwater
Modeling: Transport Processes, Natural Attenuation
and Risk Assessment - Coming to Czech Republic, September
7-10, 2004
This course provides a more complete understanding of Contaminated Site Risk Assessment and Groundwater Modeling and the use of fate and transport models 
and risk assessment software to analyze it. Topics that will be covered include contaminant source area characterization, the risk assessment process, the
fundamentals of natural attenuation and risk-base corrective action. This course is suited for groundwater modelers and risk assessors who wish to develop
a better understanding of Groundwater Contamination and Remediation Modeling, the risk assessment process and the use of groundwater models to assess risk-base
site-specific standards and contaminant remediation. Course Objectives and Benefits - Define the Risk Assessment process and Risk-Based Corrective Action - Enhance your understanding of contaminant transport and natural attenuation processes - Detail how to quantify the potential risks of exposure to chemical contaminants - Link fate and transport models to risk-based decision making models - Quantitatively assess human health and ecological risk from environmental contaminants - Define site-specific target levels (SSTLs) for site clean-up goals ...
Posted: 27/02/2004 By: Martin Draeger