The Human Health Risk Assessment Course: Practical
Approaches to Estimating Risk & Developing Site-Specific
Target Levels - Coming to Cambridge, United Kingdom,
August 2-3, 2004
An introduction to the use of RISC Workbench for completing human health risk assessments is covered in this 2-day course of lectures and hands-on exercises. 
Topics that will be covered include hazard identification, exposure assessment, dose-response assessment and risk characterization. Lectures and exercises
will be presented in partnership with Lynn Spence the developer of RISC Workbench. This course is suited for risk assessors who wish to develop a better understanding
of the risk assessment process and the use of groundwater models and RISC Workbench software for completing a human-health risk assessment. Course Benefits: - Learn the fundamentals of accepted risk assessment protocols - Acquire lots of hands-on experience using the RISC Workbench software - Understand the practical aspects of conducting a risk assessment - Learn from an experienced risk assessment professional with worldwide experience ...
Posted: 27/02/2004 By: Martin Draeger