Applied Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling:
Theory and Hands-on Applications using MODFLOW-2000,
MODPATH, MT3D & WinPEST - Coming to Budapest, Hungary,
May 10-13, 2004
Simple to complex applications of groundwater flow and contaminant transport models are covered in this 4-day hands-on course. Groundwater resource topics 
include model development and calibration to groundwater heads and flows, new well development, capture zone delineation, well interference and stream
impact investigations. Contaminant transport topics include model development and calibration to contaminant concentration, source area design, concentration
boundary choice, solver comparison, and 3D visualization of flow and transport results. This course is ideally suited for hydrogeologists and modelers with
some field investigation and modeling experience who wish to advance their modeling knowledge, and whose responsibilities include model development, review,
planning and project management. ...
Posted: 27/02/2004 By: Martin Draeger