Green Energy and Waste Management Forum for South-East
Europe - a very successful business mixture
The positive feedback from speakers, exhibitors, visitors and attendees give a proof of the real success of the South-East European Forum held from 28 till 
30 March 2012 in IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria. It incorporated: SEE Solar (Solar PV & Thermal Exhibition), EE and RE (Exhibition and Congress on Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energy) and 'Save the Planet' (Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling & Environment). Despite the difficulties in these sectors, the organizer reported 20% growth in the number of exhibitors. 'Impressive was the share of the foreign companies
- over 60% of the participants. This fact confirms that the South-East Europen region is an attractive market for investors.' - says Maya Kristeva, CEO of Via
Expo. Visitors had the opportunity to see the latest products, provided by 412 direct exhibitors and represented companies from 33 countries in 4 halls. Ivo Duerr from the International Trade Show Agency, Vienna, organizer of the Austrian Pavilion, is plannig a wider participation in 2013 and gave a positive
feedback: 'Our exhibitors from the Austrian Pavilion were all in all very satisfied with the show! EE & RE and 'Save the Planet' are - no doupt - the most important
platforms for the fields of renewable energy and environment technology for the whole region, not only Bulgaria. Experts from whole Europe meet specialists
from SEE and inform and discuss about solutions and latest technlogies to save energy and our environment. A very successful mixture!' REC Solar is a traditional exhibitor and Mrs. Kerstin Schmidt considered the Bulgarian market as a good target for the company, which has managed successfully
the brand all over the world. Delegates in the parallel Congress and Conference debated on the latest developments, problems and solutions related to green energy and environment.
The accent in the program was the session, dedicated to waste-to-energy, organized by the European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology. New initiatives within the event were: Seminar 'American experience in RE and EE', Austria Showcase 'Environmental Technologies' and European b2b Matchmaking
Event in the Field of Waste Management, Recycling & Environment. Next event will take place in Sofia from 29 to 31 May 2013. Among the exhibitors, which already confirmed participating again, are: Global Wind Power, Polytechnik,
Sputnik Engineering AG (Solarmax), AUWA Umwelttechnik & Recycling eU, Diehl Ako Stiftung & CO. KG, ect. The highlight in the agenda of the Congress will be the
smart energy storage. Photogallery: Exhibitions 1-st day Forum 2012 SEE Forum ...
Posted: 15/05/2012 By: Mrs Maya Kristeva