This Monthís Hot Topic: Water and Energy Share your materials for the chance to win a copy of Water
and Energy: Threats and Opportunities
'As long as there is a surplus of both water and energy we do not realize the close relationship between them. When any of them gets limited it becomes obvious that 
it is necessary to consider their interdependence. The energy industry uses a lot of water and the water quality is significantly affected. The energy industry
water needs a lot of attention from water professionals.' - Gustaf Olsson, 2012. Share your materials for the chance to win a copy of Water and Energy: Threats and Opportunities We would like to invite you to contribute your materials on this monthís hot topic. The best contributions will be shortlisted and then reviewed by our Editorial
Group. The shortlist will be reviewed by Gustaf Olsson and the author of the best piece on this monthís topic will win a copy of his book Water and Energy: Threats
and Opportunities. Water and energy are inextricably linked. Water is needed to generate energy and energy is needed to extract, treat and distribute water and to clean used
and polluted water. The Water-Energy Nexus is the concept that expresses the relationship between the amounts of water and energy we consume in order to sustain
our way of life. Both are vital for maintaining our environment and infrastructure, our economy and our health and wellbeing. However, despite the close link between water
and energy, there is a fundamental discrepancy in resources that must be addressed. Water supplies are finite and cannot be renewed; only reused in the best
case. Energy is renewable and innovations through technology mean that we will be able to extract more of the energy we need from the sun, wind and waves. Population growth, increased food demand, climate change, urbanization and rising health and environmental standards increasingly call for an integrated
approach to water and energy management. It is obvious that the design and operation of water and wastewater systems should take energy demands into consideration.
Similarly, energy production cannot be planned without taking water resources and water quality into account. The WaterWiki invites your contributions on this vital topic. We are looking for articles, case studies, reports and poster presentations between 500 and 2000 words: Can you explain any of the major issues relating to Water and Energy, for example: - Water used to produce natural gas and liquid fuel - Water used to produce electricity - Energy used in the provision of water services - Energy used in the provision of wastewater services Can you define the terms involved? Can you summarise any research you have contributed to in this area? Can you share your company/organisationís water saving or energy efficiency programmes? - How can energy companies measure and monitor their water use, given the local nature of water resources and the differing value of water from place to place?
- What technologies can improve the water efficiency of the energy industry? - How can the water industry best engage with the other stakeholders, including agriculture, other industries, and government to shape future water policy?
Have you given any presentations on this topic? Some points to consider when discussing Water and Energy: Water and energy depend on each other and are often in conflict. We cannot continue to utilize these critical resources in an inefficient and wasteful manner. Water system operations often have huge carbon footprints. Energy exploration and generation have large water footprints that cause severe conflicts and environmental consequences. Both carbon and water footprints will have implications on not only the technology development but also our own consumption patterns and lifestyles. No energy technology or solution is inherently good or bad from a water perspective; it all depends on the local context. View the latest discussion on our Water and Energy Hot Topic over on the Water Industry Process Automation & Control LinkedIn discussion forum How to Submit: Click here to upload your article, report or case study. When you have uploaded your material to this area, tag with the 'Hot Topic' article tag. ...
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Posted: 24/04/2012 By: Miss Chloe Parker