New WaterWiki Software Launch
The IWA WaterWiki has quickly grown into a popular information resource for the water community, featuring over 800 open-access articles, case studies and 
reports. March 2012 sees the launch of our new-version wiki software which has been designed to meet the demands of the established WaterWiki community. Users will notice that the WaterWiki homepage has undergone a colourful facelift and now has a slightly different layout. The homepage has been designed
with WaterWiki members in mind to provide ease of navigation between the different sections of the site [MORE]. The upgrade has not just been cosmetic – there are several new software features which will make the IWA WaterWiki even more of a valuable interactive resource
for the water community. All the new WaterWiki features are backwards-compatible meaning that all existing content will remain the same while wiki members will also be able to take
advantage of great new site functions including: 1. Increased browser compatibility: the WaterWiki is now optimised for use in Safari, Internet Explorer version 7 or above, and Google Chrome web browsers.
2. Improvements to the WYSIWYG/Rich Text editing software for easier formatting, better image positioning and the facility to upload larger file attachments.
3. More manageable Group Spaces which put you in control of your dedicated community space. The new WaterWiki group spaces allow group leaders to create
and manage spaces. You can decide what your space will contain and who will have access to the materials and keep your members up to date with group activity using
your own dedicated group blog. 4. Increased file hosting capacity. Many users may have noticed that any large files they uploaded would disappear from the wiki after a few days – this was
a particular problem for Specialist Groups wishing to exchange work documents on the WaterWiki. This problem has been corrected with the new software. 5. Easier article navigation using the improved tagging system. A finite list of possible tags for articles means that content is now grouped by subject
category making it much easier to search for related content. 6. Increased connectivity between you and the content you care about – your watchlist emails will now contain active links to the content that you follow
and you can now share articles via email at the touch of a button. 7. Instant WaterWiki news: keep up to date with the most popular articles and active users using up-to-the-minute RSS feeds of top users and most-read articles.
For more information on how to get started with the new features visit the Wiki Help section. As always, please feel free to contact the wiki community manager ( with any questions, or leave your comments on the WaterWiki blog.
Posted: 21/03/2012 By: Miss Chloe Parker